Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services in Blacktown

Blacktown is one of those areas covered by Lounge Master’s service radius. Our professional upholstery cleaning services span over two decades, and we’ve come to become one of the biggest names in the industry. Currently serving in and around all suburbs of Sydney, Lounge Master covers a wide area of locations, offering upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning services, carpet and lounge cleaning services, stain and mold removals for your residential, commercial and industrial needs. Years of use and abuse to sofas and couches leaves spots and stains from constant human body contact, food and drink spills and atmosphere dust. This is why Lounge Master is one of the pioneers in the industry, because of our vast experience that helps us to fight the toughest stains and spots and leave your sofas and couches like brand new.
Our loyalty to our customers has proved to be a strong point for us to be a constant household name in Sydney. We believe in providing only the highest quality services and staff to our customers, which is why we always leave our customers satisfied.

Professional Assistance Just a Call Away

Lounge Master services are available round-the-clock, providing you our services every minute of every day. Whenever you need assistance, you can call our customer care helpline, get a free estimated quotation within minutes, and book a free appointment if the price seems suitable for you. With hardly any other services working 24/7, our upholstery cleaning service is committed to provide you with the best service. Our commitment to providing quality is only based on our virtues and values, where we put your needs before ours.


Same-day Service Available Blacktown

Upholstery cleaners in Sydney will hardly ever provide you same-day services. At Lounge Master, we do. Our professional upholstery cleaning services are top-notch and can be availed on the same day of the inquiry. Our long list of clients is proof of our commitment to delivering the quality and standard we promise.

Suede Sofa Cleaning Service Blacktown

The rising boom in the use of Suede as a fabric for making couches and sofas, the carpet and lounge cleaning industry has had to adapt to this new style of fabric. Suede is a soft fabric mostly used because of its resistance against stains and spots. Its also water repellent so in most cases, there are no water stains. However, with the passage of time, suede fabric also starts to store dust. It starts looking dirtier and messier. Lounge Master experts have come up with brilliant techniques to rid your suede sofas and couches of these stains and spots and make them look spotless and brand new.


Couch Scotchgard Protection Blacktown

The use of Scotchgard has become a common occurrence in the upholstery cleaning industry. Scotchgard leaves a water repellent finish on the fabric, and a greasy shine. Lounge Master employs the use of Scotchgard to give our deep-cleaned sofas and couches a final touch.

Couch Stain Removal Blacktown

Stains and spots on your sofas and couches turn out to be messier with time. Some arrogant stains just wouldn’t wash out with soap and water, because we know you’ve already tried that. Well, with the cleaning products we use at Lounge Master, those stains and spots are easily removed within an hour. Our experience helps us understand better that sometimes soap and water is not enough, but in fact chemicals and techniques matter as well.