Upholstery Cleaning Services in Balmain

Due to the increasing demand of customers asking us to operate in Balmain, Lounge Master launched its operations. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality carpet and lounge cleaning services to all our customers, which is why we have a huge network providing services in 50 areas all over Australia. To experience a cleaning service that is reasonable, high-quality, affordable and guaranteed to provide results, then always opt for Lounge Master.
Lounge Master has been in the professional upholstery cleaning business for over 20 years, serving customers and leaving them satisfied over our vast business experience. This has helped us understand better how to apply upholstery cleaning techniques that protect your fabric or leather, but also clean in the deepest depths of your upholstery. Dealing with a stain that just won’t go? Or dropped food that has left odour that is too strong to leave? Doesn’t matter, Lounge Master knows exactly how to get rid of it. We know the right techniques, and the right products, leaving your upholstery protected from bleaching or weakening, while also cleaning it completely.

Professional Assistance Balmain Just a Call Away

A common complain that a lot of customers face is that carpet and lounge cleaning, and professional sofa cleaning experts use too much cleaning solvent or solution. This either bleaches the fabric or leather, or weakens the woven threads in the fabric. The upholstery becomes weak and soon starts tearing and wearing off when people sit down on it. However, with Lounge Master professionals, you won’t face this issue. We know just how to handle old fabric and leather, and what techniques to use to keep old sofas, couches and carpets clean.


Same-day Service Available Balmain

It’s not a simple job to provide a service that remains top quality throughout the years, and becomes a household name in the country. The reason behind Lounge Master staying relevant in the professional upholstery cleaning industry, is because we’ve never compromised on providing top quality services. And to provide top quality services, we’ve had to oblige with the customers and provide same-day service. This has helped us grow our team and clientele.

Suede Sofa Cleaning Service Balmain

A lot of customers face the issue of not being able to contact a company properly to book an appointment. However, that is not the case at Lounge Master. We believe in being readily available to serve our customers. Which is why we’re always just a call away. In the case that you’re looking forward to hiring an upholstery cleaner who knows their way around a fancy suede sofa or couch, then lounge Master is your answer. Our huge experience and knowledge have helped us understand which materials to use, to get your suede back to new.


Couch Scotchgard Protection Balmain

Lounge Master are experts in professional lounge cleaning, professional sofa cleaning, fabric couch cleaning and sofa cleaning service. Scotchgard is used to ensure that the fabric becomes water repellent and protects it from stains and spots. Scotchgard is used internationally to give textiles and fabric an extra layer of protection. Lounge Master experts use Scotchgard as well, to give your couches and sofas a new look and make them water repellent.

Couch Stain Removal Balmain

With over 20 years of experience, Lounge Master experts have become industry veterans. Our trained and qualified individuals have the right kind of experience to remove dirty and nasty stains from your couches, giving them a new and fresh look. Our satisfied customers are testimony to the work we do, and the quality we provide.