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Tips For Cleaning Your Furniture and Keeping it Neat


Experts suggest that cleaned and properly furnished furniture substantially improves your mental health. There’s absolutely no doubt that cleaning your furniture pieces is important, as it enhances the overall look of your home while putting a lasting impression on the guests. However, it requires some efforts to maintain your valuable assets and preventing them from wearing too soon. 

Here we have compiled some tips that will help you clean your furniture in a better way. Below are the tips:

Cleaning Your Furniture it with soap and water:

A mistake that many people do is that they let the dust and other pollutants gather upon their furniture for many months, which makes it tough to clean it. 

It will be better if you deep cleansed your furniture once a month and then keep cleaning it frequently the rest of the time. Cleaning it will help to lessen down the dust build-up and keep your furnishings fresh. For cleaning, simply apply soap and water to clean your furniture. 

Cleaning the sweaty sofas:

Sometimes your couches absorb sweat like other substances such as juice or coffee. It leaves a stain too. Albeit, cleaning a sweaty sofa can be difficult. 

Method of cleaning:

> Pour soap in water and mix it until a foam solution forms.

> Take a soft and clean cloth, dip it into the solution.

> Rub the area with the cloth until the stain is totally removed.

> Now let it dry and if you find any remaining moisture, clean it using a new dry cloth. 

Polishing the furniture:

Now that if you have cleaned the furniture, then you can see it freshened and neat. Cleaning your furniture is not only sufficient, but you also need to take care of it as well. It is necessary to apply polish on the furnishings, once you clean them.

Polishing it will bring a shine to your furniture and assist in keeping the moisture and water remains away. Keep in mind that you don’t use the polish with high alcohol content, as it can damage your cleaning your furniture.

Dusting your furniture:

Cleaning the furniture isn’t always about using high-quality products and following all the complicated cleaning techniques. A simple dusting of your furnishings can do wonders if it’s done properly and on regular basis. Take a soft cloth and dust your furniture regularly if you want a new look on your furniture. This technique is a great way to battle the grit and unwanted build-up of dust.

Trivets are very important:

Showing generosity and respect to your guests is good but it can ruin your furniture too. Plates and tableware can damage the cleaning your furniture so using a trivet will be a better option to save your cleaning your furniture. Putting the hot plates on the furniture leave spots and smudges on it and a trivet can save your upholsteries from this problem. 

Keeping your furniture away from the sunlight:

Placing or setting your furniture under direct sunlight can cause difficulties because the straight rays from the sun can dull the exterior of the cleaning your furniture. Try your best to keep it out of the sunlight if you want to make sure that your furnishings have a prolonged life span.

Direct exposure to sun rays will melt the polish on your furniture, making it almost impossible to recover the same level of shine. 

Maintaining your upholstery:

Now that the upholstery is cleaned very well. We have to maintain it further to keep it in a fresh and neat condition. Below are the steps to maintain it:

> Covering up the armrest and slip: 

You have to cover up the armrest and slip on your furniture because these parts get dirty quicker than any other parts from the cleaning your cleaning your furniture. The armrest is more likely to absorb the unnecessary dirt. You can get pretty and attractive covers for your furniture that will assist in altogether decor and also maintain cleanliness. 

> Applying Scotchgard on the furniture:

Scotchgard works like a spell as it is like a transparent cover for the cleaning your furniture and block all the unwanted germs. 

> Cleaning it regularly:

Once you start using the furniture, the sooner it gathers dirt on it. To prevent your furniture from gathering dirt on it, clean it regularly to keep it neat. 

> Don’t delay if something gets spilled on the furniture:

A stain can be a big enemy of your pretty furniture. So don’t delay in cleaning if something gets spilled on your cleaning your furniture. 

Cleaning Your Furniture

If you will follow all the steps which are mentioned above you won’t need a professional lounge cleaner frequently. You have to dust and clean your furniture regularly to keep it in a better condition. Don’t forget to cover the areas that are prone to dirt and unwanted grit. If you want stain protection service you can contact Lounge Master,  based in Sydney. Feel free to connect with us and get your upholstery protection service from us!

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