These Terms are the terms and conditions on which the Provider carries out the Services for you. Please ensure that you read them carefully.

We provide very affordable quotes over the phone based on average national room sizes. Charge for call is $90 to $110 and may vary on the description of service. We have the right to alter the quotation on site if bedrooms are larger than 14 square meters, living rooms are larger than 16 square meters, hallways larger than 5 square meters, rugs larger than 13 square meters or bathrooms and kitchen are larger than described. We reserve the right also to change the quotation if the property conditions are not similar to those described or the customer’s original requirements are changed. Quotations are provided free to customers over the email or phone. However, if a customer wants us to physically inspect the job or service area HE/SHE will have to pay a callout fee 70AUD. Prices may vary for upholstery, mattresses, curtains and carpets at the time of final inspection from technician and quote given to you already. We have no refund policy.

Access to the service area:
It is up to the customer to provide access to the property when the service is due to be performed. If he/she is not available at the appointed time the customer is responsible for providing us access to the keys. Water and electricity would be used, where the cleaning service is to be performed. The customer has to arrange for the parking for the operator’s vehicle. Or, the parking cost shall be charged to customer and added to the invoice.

Payments can be made via cash, card or bank transfer. We accept all cards including AMEX. It is obligatory for the consumer to pay for services after the service has been provided on same day. All card payments are subject to 2% fee. We have the right to cancel service is job is not secure. In case customer is not at job site, full payment will be required before provision of service. We reserve right to alter price if the services or conditions required for the job turns out to be different to those told over via phone, email or text.

Cancellations OR Change to bookings:

If you want to cancel your appointment, please contact us either via email or on the phone, and be ready to quote the information contained on the confirmation email: Reference number of the booking, date and address of the appointment. The customer can cancel or make changes in the booking. They only are required to update us about the amendments if there is any by calling our customer service centre on the number given on our website or contact us via email. The customer needs to inform us about the cancellation at least 3 hours before the scheduled time. If the customer cancels the booking upon the arrival of technicians/operator at the job site, a call out fee 70AUD shall be charged. No additional charges will be applied. Unforeseen circumstances may force us to reschedule or delay the service. We have the right to cancel the service if the service is not secure. Our work stands valid up to 24 HRS.-Just in case a customer is not happy or satisfied with the work done by our operator; he/she can contact us over the phone or email. Couch master Sydney has no refund policy. Couch master Sydney won’t be responsible for any existing damage to item(s) which cannot repaired or restored with our regular cleaning methods.

Stain Removal:
We can remove a lot of stains, but some stains are so permanent at times become difficult to remove them. So we have to be a little careful with that. But Couch master crew will let you know ahead of time whether or not stain can be removed. We at Couch master Sydney cannot also provide 100% guarantee for odor removal. In case the carpet has lost its color or faded by wear and tear, complete carpet restoration is not guaranteed. Couch master Sydney won’t be responsible for any existing or prior latent damage to the carpet while inspecting it at the time. Stain removals depend on factors such as type, age and fabrics. Obstinate stains include ammonia stains bleach stains, acid stains, grease stains, dyes and high-alkaline solutions that result in permanent mark(s) on your item(s) which makes it hard for us to give 100% removal guarantee. No stain removal guarantee does not finalize that stains won’t go before beginning with the removal of stain treatment, we would query about previous methods applied to remove the stain. We will discuss all possible come outs of the stain beforehand with the owner. Some removal methods may incur extra charges.

Smell and mould removal:
Smell removed is not 100% guaranteed. Mould is a fungus and we try best to get rid of it; however we do not guarantee 100% removal. Booking with us, the consumer accepts our all terms and conditions for mould and smell.

All our work has a validity period of 24 hours, in an unfortunate event of customer is not happy they may reach us via email. Refund requests are not entertained by Couch master Sydney. In the case of carpets been faded by wear and tear, carpets could only be cleaned, a complete carpet restoration is not guaranteed. Couch master will not be responsible for any undiscovered damages or hidden damages at the time of carpet inspection. Couch Master Sydney technicians will not be responsible for any hidden damage that may appear during the cleaning process.

Additional information:
Prices may vary for couches depending upon their sizes. Chaise and ottoman is regarded as a seat when booked for the whole lounge. Price may vary if chaise and ottoman is to be cleaned only. Fabric condition may also alter the price of cleaning. Number of people that can sit on one seat may be a form of measurement for pricing the seats. The type of fabric that needs a service (carpets, curtains, mattress or upholstery). Current condition of the carpet upholstery, curtains and mattress last time the item(s) was cleaned.