Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Step By Step Guide To Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Your new cushion covers, sofa sets and couches are bound to lose their shine and lustre over time. To avoid damage and discolouration, your best bet is to have them cleaned regularly through a professional upholstery cleaning service.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

The sofas, recliners and armchairs are the few elements found in a living space that contribute to its aesthetic ambience. Additionally, they provide a spot where you can relax and lay back after a long day at work. However, upholstery fabrics like cotton, wool and leather become prone to wear and tear after continuous exposure to dust, dirt and other environmental factors. That is why it is of utmost importance to have the upholstered furniture deep cleaned every few months, so it does not retain damage. 

Below we have put together a step by step guide on how professional cleaning services work, so you can make an informed decision. 

  1. Arrival Of The Cleaning Team:

After connecting with a cleaning service and getting an appointment, the team will arrive at your place with their cleaning gear. This includes specific devices for Professional Upholstery Cleaning, cleaning detergents and scrubs. After examining the condition of the furniture, the team will identify the most appropriate cleaning plan based on your furniture needs.  

  1. Inspection:

A professional knows that it is not a good practice to get right into the cleaning process without inspecting the type of material and amount of damage retained. They will first determine the type of professional upholstery cleaning fabric and the degree of stains to develop an effective deep cleaning plan. After that, they will work on various techniques to reduce the physical defects and discolouration caused by rough usage and environmental factors. 

  1. Sanitizing:

The cleaning experts will first rid your furniture of any bacteria and microbes that may have gathered over the years. If you choose to have your furniture sanitized and deodorized, you may have to pay extra charges. But the fresh and clean feel your furniture will exude later on will never make you question your decision.

  1. Cleaning Process:

This is the step where the cleaning professionals apply custom designed techniques to achieve their cleaning goals. The type of professional upholstery cleaning on your furniture plays a significant role in determining the method of cleaning. It might either be steam cleaning or deep cleaning according to the upholstered fabric on your furniture. 

The steam cleaning method uses hot water steam to rid the fabric of stains, blotches and germs. This is the preferred method for cotton, wool, and polyester fabrics. Professional upholstery cleaning fabrics like silk and linen need some extra attention. Hence, the steam is controlled and regulated to avoid any damage during the process of cleaning for such types of fabric. 

Deep cleaning is the process where the furniture is rigorously cleaned to deeply cleanse it of any foreign elements including dust, dirt and stains. This method involves hot water extraction in addition to cleaning solutions and devices. It allows effective and thorough clearance of germs and other destructive elements from the furniture. 

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

  1. Spot Cleaning:

Accidental spills are bound to happen in a household with children and pets. Juice , coffee and oil-induced stains can be extremely difficult to clean and may leave permanent spots if not cleaned on time.

Professional cleaning services can be obtained from Lounge Master to rid your furniture of any stains that occurred from food spills or other accidents. Special chemicals that are designed to be mild for the upholstery furniture are effective in blotting out stains. 

  1. Application Of Upholstery Protectors:

Upholstery protectors are already present on new furniture pieces to protect them from stains. However, with time this protective layer wears down and needs replacement. To avoid further staining and increase the life span of your upholstered furniture, the professional cleaning team will treat it with professional upholstery cleaning protectors. 

  1. Drying And Brushing:

The final step is brushing the furniture once it’s completely dried out. Depending upon the type of cleaning method, every piece of furniture is expected to become fully dry in 2 to 6 hours. After that, the finishing touches involve brushing and grooming the upholstery fabric to restore its novel feel. 

Deep cleaning services are definitely something that will improve the life expectancy of your furniture. Professional cleaning significantly differs from DIY cleaning. It offers a thorough and deeper cleaning of the furniture as compared to home-based remedies. Consider Lounger Master if you need professional upholstery cleaning services for your residential, commercial or industrial spaces. 

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