a list of five methods that will help you maintain the fresh appearance of your sofa

Here’s a list of five methods that will help you maintain the fresh appearance of your sofa

Even while fabric sofa seem great, they may be a nuisance to maintain. Fabric sofas are especially prone to damage from everyday occurrences like spilled coffee, muddy pet paw prints, and quick meals consumed in the living room. 

Eventually, even the finest and most well-organized guest room furniture will absorb the oil and grime from human bodies, giving a bad impression no matter how good the hosts may be. Although you may get your fabric sofa cleaned by a professional at any time, there are a few things to remember beforehand. This article from our sofa cleaner will show you how to keep your sofa looking clean.

What is the ideal method for cleaning a fabric couch?

Keep up with regular cleanings 

It just takes a quick weekly cleaning to extend the life of your fabric furniture. Whether it’s hair, food, or toys, get rid of them from the couch’s crevices. 

Cleaning the non-fabric components of the sofa, such as the supports and legs, need hot water and liquid dish soap. During the hot and muggy summer months, you may also want to spend a few hours with a fan set up next to your sofa. You don’t want to see mildew growing in your soft seating areas because of the presence of too much moisture. 

One should buy a good vacuum cleaner

If you want to keep your fabric sofa looking like new, using a good vacuum regularly should be part of your routine. No matter what method you use to clean your sofa’s fabric.

The use of baking powder is required

Help us give props to baking soda, the world’s best (and most underrated) cleaning agent. The ease with which baking soda can clean fabric couches is a topic worthy of its own exploration. Since baking soda won’t damage your sofa’s fabric, you may use it to attract dust and grime before vacuuming it up. 

Put a bit of sodium bicarbonate on a concealed portion of your couch first, so to be sure. You may simply discover if your clothes are unfriendly to bicarbonate of soda with the this spot test. Try this at home by sprinkling baking powder over your furniture and leaving it alone for 30 minutes. It’s time to get out the vacuum and clean up the mess. 

Just a quick brush can make the couch seem brand new

When studying how and where to clean a couch, a dry brush will prove to be an invaluable asset. A wet brush may be useful for cleaning dust and grime off of a sofa if used properly. As a first step, make a back-and-forth motion with the brush in a single direction. Consider aligning yourself more closely with the direction of your natural tendencies if you’re having problems getting things done.

The sofa brush is a quick and simple method to give your couch a new look. Besides lint rollers (which are great cleaning pet-friendly homes) and large rolls of packing tape, other options to standard brushes include lint rollers Though it won’t do the job as well as a deep cleaning would, a sofa brush may assist freshen up your upholstery before guests arrive. 

The use of a steam cleaner is well worth the investment

If you own or rent a steam cleaner, you may use it on your couch as a last option. Clean your sofa using steam and a vacuum to get the dirt out. If the steam cleaner you have calls for it, fill it with water or a cleaning solution designed for it. Before using any cleaning agents on your couch, be sure you read the care instructions first. 

Those warnings are especially important to heed when using steam on a couch, since certain models (even those that are water-friendly) cannot withstand the high temperatures required by this cleaning technique. If you have any doubts after reading the guidelines, try applying steam to an inconspicuous area. 

Just So We’re Clear

Following these guidelines for cleaning and maintaining your upholstery fabric should be a breeze. However, hiring experts is always the best option when it comes to washing upholstery fabric in Sydney. Come read our blog to learn more about upholstery.

You can be sure that your couches will be spotless and clean in no time thanks to our wide selection of cleaning supplies and tools.

Old sofas can occasionally lose colour due to dust and stains, but a good professional clean is typically all they require. We take pleasure in both stain removal and colour restoration.

When we visit you, we decide the best course of action for your couches.

 If you’re looking for sofa cleaning services in Sydney? Then get in touch with us right away.

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