Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

Necessary Times to Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

There are many times that the need for professional upholstery cleaning service emerges. This kind of professional upholstery cleaning is different from the basic level of cleaning that you might do at home. The main difference between home cleaning and professional cleaning is the advanced equipment that we use during the deep clean.

Many methods of DIY upholstery cleaning exist, but sometimes you just need a professional to do it, for whatever reason. When these circumstances occur, you can rely on Lounge Master for all your upholstery cleaning services.

Now, let’s take a look at circumstances where a professional cleaning might be needed. 

Season Change Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service(Or Spring Cleaning)

As the seasons change, so does the surrounding environment. Summer brings humidity; autumn brings strong winds. Spring brings pollen and so on. There are many things floating around in the environment that you don’t even notice that can affect you.

A professional cleaning then becomes pretty much a requirement around the transition time of the seasons. All the wear, tear, dust, sweat and months of other build up on your sofas and chairs need to be cleaned. This is why this is the perfect time to get some cleaning done. 

Musty smell from your couch

After Having a Child

So, you’ve just had a baby. Then you should definitely prepare for having your professional upholstery cleaning service more often. The reasons for that are because there is a lot of build-up of dirt and dust on the upholstery; this is something that babies are more susceptible to. And when the baby gets sick, it can vomit on the upholstery or worse, which makes a professional cleaning even more essential.

So, it is best to get ahead of the problem and order a cleaning. Our equipment will sanitise and purify the upholstery material, making it safe for the baby and preventing any sickness. In fact, with the equipment we use, we can guarantee almost 99.9% of bacteria removal.

When You Get a Pet

Pets are adorable, they are cuddly, and they are dirty. Yes, the nature of a cat or a dog is to be wild. And when they go out into the garden or on the road, they can track dirt and mud on their paws and bring it into the house. And when those same paws get on the couch or chairs, then it can really dirty the professional upholstery cleaning service and ruin the look.

Another factor is that pets shed fur a lot. This can not only affect the appearance of the upholstered couch or chair, but if you have a friend who is allergic to your pet, then when they visit, even if the pet isn’t in the room, an allergic reaction can be triggered.

This is something to watch out for. So, a regular professional upholstery cleaning service can work wonders. It will keep your couch clean and pristine while keeping your friends from being potentially affected. 

Sick or Pregnant

Grown adults are usually pretty resilient, but there are times when handling the day-to-day tasks can become difficult. Like taking care of the home or cleaning up. And this can be due to issues with health, like being sick or being pregnant. This can limit movement, and if there is no one around to do the tasks required, then the dust and dirt can build up. 

The thing with dust is, it can get pretty much anywhere without you even detecting it. And then we find out about the effects when you develop respiratory problems or dermatological problems.

And you surely want to avoid such an outcome. This is another instance where professional upholstery cleaning service will be perfect. Your upholstery will become dirt-free and bacteria-free quickly so that you can enjoy a clean and healthy environment. 


Upholstery matters, it can enhance the look of the room that the furniture is in, and it can provide comfort. Dirty professional upholstery cleaning service can cause many issues that can be aesthetic or medical. Avoiding these issues is easy. All you need to do is call us, and we will do the cleaning for you. Lounge Master is the best in Sydney for upholstery cleaning at a very affordable price.

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