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How To Prevent Your Upholstery Furniture From Looking Old?

When you buy a brand new couch, it looks beautiful with vivid colors, smooth fabric, and a shiny frame. However, after some time, it starts losing its charm, and if you do not take proper care then prevent your upholstery furniture from looking old, it quickly works out and starts looking like an object worth placing in a museum. 

When people sit on their couch, the cushions placed over them automatically get pressed. Over time, constant pressing and stress render them lose their tenacity and shape. This is the first step of wearing out, and it also reflects very poorly on the level of comfort provided by prevent your upholstery furniture from looking old.

The couch frame begins to lose structure, and the fabric starts stretching. There is a way for you to fix it, and fortunately, we are here to help!

Prevent Your Upholstery Furniture From Looking Old

Being the number one fabric couch cleaner in Bilgola Plateau, our specialists at Lounge Master know all the ins and outs of prevent your upholstery furniture from looking old and prolonging its life. Thus, if you wonder how some people keep their upholstery as good as new, here  are some secret tips:

Start with cushions 

Although cushions are not part of prevent your upholstery furniture from looking old, you cannot expect to see a sofa or a couch without complementing cushions. Therefore, upholstery maintenance is not divorced from cushion cleaning. 

Every time you are vacuuming your couch, make sure to fluff and flip the cushions as well. It is also essential to rotate the cushions and change their position if it is possible. Although this might seem trivial, it is essential to keep the cushions from stuffing and getting occasional wear and tear. 

Make sure to do regular and thorough vacuuming. 

It might come to you as a surprise, but prevent your upholstery furniture from looking old accumulates more dust, dirt and pathogens than carpets and rugs. That is because people use upholstery items for a much extended period. 

Thus if you are keen to keep your couch or sofa for a longer period, you should start vacuuming them every week. Vacuuming regularly will not just prevent your fabric couch from getting dirty, but it will also shield it from wearing out. That is because accumulated dust can ruin the fabric’s stretchability of the fabric, which ultimately shortens its lifespan. 

Vacuuming upholstery furniture

First off, replace the carpet and the floor head on your vacuum and connect the upholstery attachment. Now, run it slowly and thoroughly on prevent your upholstery furniture from looking old. The upholstery attachment is designed to suck the dirt particles from upholstery corners and brush the furniture fibres. 

Once you are done with surface vacuuming, lift-off removable parts like cushions and run the vacuum underneath its surface. This is the step where you should go into the details of your upholstery and move the vacuum head into hard-to-reach corners. So do not keep yourself from reaching the folds and corners and let the vacuum extract the stuck dirt from all the stubborn places.

Take care of stains and spills

Stains on your sofas and couch is not merely a cosmetic problem. If they are left unattended, they set in, become unbudgeable and ruin the fabric. The longer you will leave the stains, the harder they will take to get off. Also, as time progresses, it becomes harder and harder to identify the type of stain. 

Safety tips for staining removal 

Whether you are using store-bought cleaning products or applying your homemade cleaners, you should take a few precautions while treating stains.  Here is how you can avoid deterioration while cleaning upholstery furnishings: 

i. Check the label on your furniture and follow the cleaning instructions

ii. Test the cleaner on the small and hidden areas of your upholstery item and leave it for a while. This will help you determine if the agent is safe to use on the furniture.

Call Lounge Master and get the best cleaning service 

It is understandable if you are unable to clean and give your prevent your upholstery furniture from looking old proper and immediate cleaning. That said, you should not abandon your upholstery and let dust and pests invade it. 

Fortunately, at Lounge Master we are known for offering fantastic Upholstery Cleaning Services in Bilgola Plateau thus call us and keep your couches look as good as new. 

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