Professional Lounge Cleaning Session

How To Prepare For A Professional Lounge Cleaning Session

If you are tired of watching the kids mess around in the professional lounge cleaning session and leave stains on the couches and other furniture upholstery, a lounge cleaning may be required. When the sofas are filled with food remnants and the carpet reeks of all the spills from years, it leaves an unimpressive image on the visitors.

Professional Lounge Cleaning Session

Consider professional upholstery cleaning services in Allambie Heights through Lounge Master. However, there are some prerequisites for a successful cleaning session. Follow these steps to ensure that the cleaning team does not face any obstacles during the cleaning process. 

  1. Take An Appointment:

Select a day when you will be available at home and make an appointment with a professional lounge cleaning session. They will let you know of the availability of their team and set a date and time for arrival.

Delaying this process will have you face difficulty in getting the appointment at your preferred time slots. It is always good to be safe by contacting the service in advance to avoid inconvenience later on.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Objects:

Before the arrival of the cleaning team, make sure that there are no objects lying on the sofas, floor or tables. The presence of small objects like toys, trinkets or clothing etc., can significantly slow down the process of cleaning. 

Make sure that all objects are removed and placed where they belong. Even if there are decorating elements lying around in the living space, have them placed somewhere else temporarily. This way, the team will successfully proceed with the cleaning of your lounge upholstery without any hurdles.

Musty smell from your couch

  1. Vacuum:

After remaining in use for years, the furniture and carpets tend to collect a lot of dust and dirt. Even if you have been vacuuming regularly, there is a high chance that dust residue is lying within the nooks and corners of the living room. Therefore, it is a wise choice to vacuum before a professional lounge cleaning session to have your space ready for deep cleaning. 

When the superficial dust is removed through vacuuming, the dust residue in the deeper layers of the upholstery will be easily eliminated. Following this practice adequately prepares your furniture for professional lounge cleaning session. After the whole process, the furniture will look clean and fresh instantly.

  1. Place The Furniture in Shade:

Sunlight exposes your furniture to UV radiation, which can damage the upholstery in multiple ways. When a fabric is under sunlight for a long period, it becomes a victim of photo degeneration, which fades the colour of the fabric. 

Additionally, sunlight can damage the fibre orientation of the fabric, making it brittle. It becomes prone to damage even at the slightest impact, and that is why we recommend keeping your furniture away from sunlight. Your furniture’s life will increase if you care for it and keep it away from environmental stresses like sunlight.

Especially before the cleaning process, it is important to allow your furniture some rest. This will keep it protected from the impact of chemicals and devices that will be used later on in the professional lounge cleaning session.

  1. Move The Furniture Outside:

If all of the above seems too complicated, just have your furniture placed outside. It will save you the trouble of having to vacuum, dust, and clean the space. People who are busy and lack the time to clean can skip the cleaning and just remove the furniture by hiring some helpers.

The cleaning team will take care of the rest. They will deep clean the furniture upholstery, dry and apply protectors to prevent it from further damage. The furniture will look new after it is free from stains, dust and bacteria. 

To put it simply, some preparation before the professional lounge cleaning session can make the process seamless and speedy. If you need cleaning of upholstery in your living room, connect with the Lounge Master

We follow well-defined steps to clean your leather upholstery. This involves brushing, dust removal and application of bluffing and moisturising solutions. You can be rest assured that your furniture will be taken care of with delicate cleaning equipment and techniques. Connect with us for the best and most affordable upholstery cleaning services in Australia.

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