Get Rid Of Common Stains From Your Upholstery
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How To Get Rid Of Common Stains From Your Upholstery?

Get rid of common stains from your upholstery furniture adds an element of elegance and functionality to any house interior. However, if you spill something over them, they can become a source of embarrassment for you.

No matter how cautious and diligent you are, you can unintentionally put stains on your upholstered furniture.

To get rid of the unpleasant stains, you can either ask for professional upholstery cleaning services or do it yourself.

Although professional upholstery cleaners are of great help, sometimes you can clean your sofa and other upholstered furniture yourself. Although it can be a challenging task, in this blog, we have compiled some tips to remove them.

Food stains

Many of us like eating while sitting on our sofas and chairs. Due to that, food get rid of common stains from your upholstery are the most common types of stains found on them. If the food in any form is freshly spilled, you can easily take it off with a white towel. 

With solid food, you only need to lift the particles and if the food is semi-liquid, you ought to blot it on a paper towel. This trick helps to clean the food from the surface without letting it spread out. 

You can also try a professional sofa cleaning technique and apply a solution of white vinegar, washing powder, and baking soda. If rubbing the stains with this solution does not help, take a brush and vigorously scrub against the affected area until the stain is scrapped out. Avoid scrapping the furniture vigorously, as it can damage it. 

Protein stains 

Be it sweat or blood, any fluid that comes out of your body is of proteinous nature, and therefore it leaves a stain. The reason why we need to classify this stain is that, unlike most get rid of common stains from your upholstery , it can not be cleaned without any bleach or bleach-based cleaner. The fact of the matter is, if you apply any bleaching chemical over protein stain, rather than going away, it can turn into a nasty yellow color. 

So, for protein stains, you first need to blot the affected area with a sponge, without pressing or rubbing the stain, and then you should just gently lift it off.

After that, dab the remaining affected area with little water and repeat the process until the get rid of common stains from your upholstery is gone. Make sure to not use hot water, as it can make the stain permanent. 

If the stubborn get rid of common stains from your upholstery still does not seem to budge, try using the hydrogen peroxide solution, which comes with household strength, and let it sit for a couple of minutes before blotting the stain completely with a dry cloth. 

Nail paint stains

After stains of food and blood, nail paint stains are the biggest reason why people call a professional get rid of common stains from your upholstery.

If you have spilled nail polish, do not panic or try to rub it away because by doing so, it can spread the stain to a larger area. You should rather wait until the nail paint dries and then you can get rid of it easily. 

Another easy way to remove nail paint get rid of common stains from your upholstery is to moisten a cloth in a nail polish remover and then blot it on the affected area. The nail remover in the clean cloth would absorb the nail paint and lift the stain off your upholstered furniture. Once this is done, just spray some clean water and remove the residual. 

Red wine stains

Believe it or not but your best cleaning agent against a nasty red wine stain is salt!

If you have just spilled wine, do not panic, just take an abundant amount of salt from your kitchen cabinet and sprinkle it directly into the affected area. You would be amazed to see how magically red wine get rid of common stains from your upholstery would vanish.

If the red wine stain has dried up, it is best to dab it away with cold water and dish soap, which is devoid of any bleaching agent. 

In this blog, we have tried to impart all the effective techniques that can help you get rid of unpleasant stains from your upholstered furniture. If neither of the aforementioned techniques lifts off the stain, you should call a reputable get rid of common get rid of common stains from your upholstery from your upholstery, such as Lounge Master.

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