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How To Clean Your Sofa: A Step-by-step Guide

Although clean your sofa help to bring style and comfort to any living area they are placed in, they are subjected to a great amount of wear and tear. Most people would use it for multiple purposes, for instance, some people like to have food while sitting on it, while others use it to enjoy movies with their friends or pets. 

Considering everything, your sofas and other upholstered furniture items can capture the body oils and body odors. As a result, lots of airborne diseases and dust particles accumulate in your living area and spread all across your home via air. 

Clean your sofa

Learning how to extract every dust past particle from your upholstered furniture seems to be an unattainable goal, however by using professional sofa cleaning techniques, you can do it easily. 

To make everything easier, we have compiled some great tips that can help to make your couch look and feel as good as new!

Know about the couch codes before couch cleaning

Since there are several types of couch fabrics, there is more than one way to clean your couch.

Here are some of the clean your sofa codes that you might find on your sofa:

  • W- It means that you can use water and water-based cleaning substances.
  • WS- This implies that you should either use dry or mild clean your sofa detergent. Steam and Vaccum can also be used here.
  • X- It means no water, so just stick to the vacuuming.
  • S- If this code is tagged, clean your couch with only dry cleaner detergent. 

How often should you clean a couch?

It is important to clean and maintain your furniture regularly, as it helps to prevent long-term impacts of wear and tear i.e. spills or damage.

If you want to extend the longevity of your couch or clean your sofa, take a look at the following simple maintenance tips:

  1. Dry brush

First off, take a dry brush and rub it against the fabric, so any stuck-up debris or dirt can loosen up. 

  1. Vacuum

Since not every solid particle comes off through brushing, it is recommended to use a vacuum after you are done with a dry brush. The vacuum would help to take out the dirt that is deeply embedded into the fabric of your furniture.

  1. Switch the cushions

If it helps to lessen the worn-down appearance of your couch, you should flip cushions on your couch once in a while. 

Deep cleaning the couch

Sometimes, no matter how properly and punctually you clean your upholstered furniture, dirt marks and stains can get deeply embedded inside. Since, an extreme problem requires an extreme solution, to get rid of stubborn marks and stains, you also need to upgrade your clean your sofa methods. 

For extreme clean your sofa you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Use baking soda solution

Baking soda is an excellent clean your sofa agent that can remove deeply embedded stains from the furniture. However, it can ruin upholstery fabrics, thereby, it is better to make sure by testing first.

  1. Brush your couch

When solid food particles get stuck on the upholstery, you should avoid using any water, as water might mix with the solid particle and spread the stain. For cases like these, it is advisable to use a stiff brush, so food particles can break apart and crumble away. 

  1. Apply liberal amount of baking soda

Although you can use baking soda by adding it to your cleaning solution, sometimes it is best to use it in a dry form. To give your furniture a deep cleaning, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on your couch and let it sit there for around half an hour. After this, take a brush, rub it all across the affected part, and rinse it all off with cold water.

Cleaning the couch cushions

Cushions are an integral part of the upholstery. Most of the time, the cushions are machine-washable, however, sometimes putting cushions in the washing machine can ruin their texture. For such cases, it is best to wash your cushions by hand. This can not only loosen the dust particles but would also help to disinfect the fabric. 

Although you can clean your couch and other upholstered furniture yourself, it can take a lot of time and energy. Therefore it is best to opt for sofa cleaning services. To get the best Upholstery Cleaners in Sydney, call Lounge Master today!

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