How To Clean Your Leather Sofa

How To Clean Your Leather Sofa – 7 Simple Tips

Cloth-covered clean your leather sofa tend to absorb stains and spills like a sponge. On the other hand, Leather sofas repel a lot of messes because of their unique non-absorbent texture. That said, leather is not entirely stain-proof and dropped food, drinks and hair shedding by pets can render them beyond repair. 

Therefore, it is only pragmatic to apply proper leather Fabric Cleaning in Sydney and ward off the stains to keep the upholstery looking with some new leather sofa cleaning tips.

Prevent Mildew and mould from growing on upholstery surface

Mildew and mould tend to grow on leather sofas, especially during warm weather and humid areas. Thereby, before placing the leather sofa in any room, make sure it is equipped with a fan or exhaust vent. This prompts air circulation, which is an effective preventive measure for settling spores and other pathogens.

It is also beneficial to apply a light coat of anti-fungicidal or antibacterial spray, as both can keep the mildew away. That said, if the leather on your furniture is a lighter shade, some of these products might end up discolouring the leather. Therefore it is better to first apply them a little at hidden parts of your sofa and observe the after-effect. 

Refrain from Clean Your Leather Sofa brashly 

Although it is necessary to give your clean your leather sofa proper and regular cleaning, you should abstain from using abrasive cleaners such as bleach and chemical-fraught detergents. Plus, while you should keep yourself from brushing or scrubbing the leather too harshly. Otherwise, your leather-covered sofas will start to deteriorate.

Ward off the discolouration

As mentioned above, some products can discolour leather sofas. Hence, you should always apply caution and read the ingredients beforehand. Cleaners based on acetone like nail polish remover are usually characterised by leather-tarnishing properties. 

It is also worth mentioning that most topical flea medication can end up staining the clean your leather sofa. Thus if you use such products on your pets, do not let them sit over your sofa until they are dehydrated. Also, you should avoid sitting on the sofa in your bathing suit, as doing so will deposit chlorine on its fabric, which is something that renders the clean your leather sofa wither over time. 

Keep sharp items away from leather

it is just not absurd but also hazardous to leave sharp objects on and around your clean your leather sofa items. That is because sharp objects like scissors and knives permanently damage clean your leather sofa and create perils for people living in the house. 

Keep your sofa away from the sun

Just like human skin, the leather cannot withstand too much sunlight and heat. That is because both of these elements dehydrate the leather and cause its colours to fade away. So, always keep your sofa in cooler places, where air can circulate more easily at lounge master

Immediately clean up the spillages

Although leather is not prone to many messes, it is a porous material that absorbs all kinds of liquids.  Thus, you should immediately clean up the spillage with a dry cloth or else the leather surface will begin to disintegrate, and the cracking process will be initiated.

Spills are widely varied. Therefore their removal process is also different. Whenever the spill happens, remove the solid part if there is any, like food or mud. Now dab the spilled liquid with either a blotting paper or cloth, and make sure you do not rub it. 

If the stain looks greasy, sprinkle some baking soda, let it sit for a couple of hours, then wipe it with one swift motion. It is best to blot the leather with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol for mould and mildews.

Shift the cushions

If your sofa has interchangeable cushions, keep changing its spots. That is because keeping the cushions at designated places could accelerate the wearing out process.

If your sofa is not equipped with interchangeable cushions, try switching the seats once in a while, as doing so will slow down the fading process. 

Let us maintain your sofa.

Over time, dust particles and pathogenic organisms accumulate on clean your leather sofa. This not just makes your sofa look grimy, but it can pose health hazards for every resident of your home. 

Thus, it is best to hire Sofa Cleaning Services. 

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