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How To Clean Floor Sofa and Lounge In Home (Update 2021)

Keeping your house clean floor sofa and lounge in home is a significant step towards good and health. A dirty house attracts a lot of germs and bacteria that can be a major reason for getting sick. Not just that, a dirty living room with dirty furniture can cause an embarrassing situation when you have guests over. To have a clean living room, you must have a clean set of furniture such as sofa and dining tables along with clean carpets, curtains, doors, and windows.

Soft upholstery like couch cushions and curtains tend to get dull after a while if they are not looked after. Just some regular maintenance can help keep them in excellent condition and extend their life span. As a Sydney lounge specialist company, we have devised a set of tips for overall clean floor sofa and clean floor sofa and lounge in home in home maintenance. By following this, you can keep your living room in superb condition.

Maintaining The Carpet

Carpets add a sense of warmth and exquisite luxurious touch to our homes. They bring a different kind of comfort that cannot be matched by anything else. However, they can be a hub for pests like moths, carpet beetles, and mites. They also trap in a lot of dust that can lead to deterioration of the carpet fabric over time. Therefore, you need to clean your carpet at regular intervals thoroughly. You can vacuum it to remove the trapped dirt and grit. You can also encourage people entering your home to leave their footwear outside so that the dirt and debris on the shoes do not get transferred onto the carpet. Use furniture rests to avoid indentations from heavy furniture items.

These indentations can also be removed by placing an ice cube on the affected area. As the ice cube melts, use a soft brush that will help you get rid of indents. For a more efficient job, hire professional services to clean your carpet every once a year. You can also get a carpet shampooer or make a DIY cleaner. Keep in mind that always rinse out stain remover thoroughly because leftover traces can attract dirt and ruin the fabric.

Curtains And Window Dressings

People often overlook their curtains when clean floor clean floor clean floor sofa and clean floor sofa and lounge in home in home and lounge in home and clean floor sofa and lounge in home in home their house. Cleaning your curtains is as essential as cleaning your furniture and carpets. You should vacuum the curtains from top to bottom at least once a month. Make sure your vacuum is on a low setting, and you use the upholstery tool. While vacuuming, pay extra attention to the top where the dust collects, and if your hem is touching the ground, it is likely to be extra dirty so pay attention to that area as well. If you have roller blinds, you can dust them with either a soft brush or vacuum with the upholstery tool. For Venetian blinds, a less fiddly way is to wear white cotton gloves and run your fingers through the slats. Some curtain fabrics can be washed in a machine, but if your curtains are made of velvet, velour, wool, silk, and chenille, you must only dry-clean them. Machine washing has the potential to destroy these fabrics. Get your curtains washed or dry cleaned at least every year. If you don’t, dirt and dust will rot the fiber. You should also ensure that window ledges are free from dust and mildew by dusting them regularly. 

Soft Furniture 

To keep your soft furniture in good condition, dust it daily with a vacuum clean floor sofa and lounge in home brush attachment and crevice tool. If you have a habit of eating on your couches, there are likely crumbs and bits of food on the couch that can rub against the fabric. Hence, regular clean floor clean floor clean floor sofa and lounge in home and clean floor sofa and lounge in home in home and lounge in home is essential. Otherwise, your fabric will gradually deteriorate due to the debris build-up.

If you have pets in your home, you can wrap tape on your fingers and run them over your clean floor sofa and lounge in home furniture to remove the pet hair. You can keep your cushions plumped and in good shape by turning them over weekly. Loose covers can be dry cleaned or machine-washed. In case you have covers that cannot be removed, hire professional upholstery cleaners.
This was our basic guide for keeping your living room in the best condition. If you are looking for professional services for lounge clean floor clean floor sofa and lounge in home and lounge in home in Sydney, head over to Lounge Master, where we can assist you according to your convenience.

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