How To Clean Diffcults Spots From A Microfiber Sofa

How To Clean Difficult Spots From A Microfiber Sofa

Spots From A Microfiber Sofa is a popular choice for sofa upholstery, as they are incredibly comfortable and durable. This sofa has a beautiful velvety texture, which makes it perfect for a comfortable sitting in the living room. Apart from that, you can expect it to add an element of beauty to your home. 

Spots From A Microfiber Sofa

The spots from a microfiber sofa is highly resistant to water and is also stain-proof. The fibers are woven together tightly, allowing the liquid to sit on top of the upholstery for a short period instead of soaking right into the fabric. Microfiber is ideal for a house with kids and pets because it hardly gets any stains. However, if you do get stains on the microfiber sofa, they can be easily cleaned with a few tips and tricks. 

Here are a few cleaning tricks that will give a beautiful look to your microfiber sofa without damaging the upholstery.

Vacuum Cleaner

Just like a vacuum cleaner effectively cleans off dirt and debris from carpets and floors, it can be used for upholstered microfiber sofas as well. Vacuuming will remove any dust or crumbs from your sofa. You will have an adequately clean sofa without putting in much effort. You can easily vacuum your sofa every time you take the vacuum cleaner out for cleaning purposes. This technique is much better than rubbing a cloth all over the couch since it can ruin the natural fibers in the upholstery. 

Rubbing Alcohol

It has been an untold household secret sitting in the cupboard for a very long time. Rubbing alcohol is an effective way of cleaning stains from many pieces of furniture around the house, including microfiber upholstery. All you need to do is dampen a cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently go over the stain. Don’t rub the cloth too hard as it can ruin the spots from a microfiber sofa. 

The alcohol works by breaking down and absorbing the stain. You will just have to make sure to clean the rubbing alcohol after the process. The longer the alcohol sits in the microfiber, the more the color fades. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is the answer to many cleaning problems. You can make your spots from a microfiber sofa spot-free with the help of some baking soda. The most uncomplicated process requires you to dedicate a little time and energy for the best results. You just have to sprinkle some baking soda over the stain and allow it to sit there for twenty to thirty minutes. In that time, the baking soda will react to the stains and break them down. After the time is up, you can gently wipe away the baking soda. If the stain is still visible, use a damp cloth to wipe away the rest of the stain.

Chemical Detergent Powder

Another effective way to clean a spots from a microfiber sofa is to use a quality chemical detergent powder. Reserve this option as a last resort as chemicals can be harsh on your delicate fabric. While using this powder, make sure that you dissolve one spoon of the detergent with at least four cups of warm water. Avoid using cold water since microfiber fabric is highly sensitive. Harsh chemicals and cold water can contribute to decreased quality of the fabric. Use a soft sponge or cloth to coat the stained area generously. Let it sit for some time before wiping it away with a clean cloth. You will notice that the stain has completely vanished. 

If all else fails, going with your trusty lounge cleaning services is probably best. The Lounge Master understands that cleaning a spots from a microfiber sofa can be challenging at times. We offer our upholstery cleaning services in Cabarita in order to make your life easier. Lounge Master has a team of skilled and experienced staff who aim to provide you with a sofa that is just as good as a new one. Our top-of-the-line equipment and technique make sure that you get the best service out there. You can expect a fresh and beautiful-looking microfiber sofa after employing our services.

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