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How To Care For Leather Upholstery?

Leather upholstery gives the furniture a distinct shine and classical look. However, it is also vulnerable and can become a victim to wear and tear if not taken care of properly. If you love leather furniture, do not be afraid to place leather sofas in your lounge, bedroom or living room. 

When compared to other upholstery, leather furniture does not demand difficult-to-keep-up-with maintenance procedures or complicated cleaning methods. You can clean your leather sofas, ottomans and chairs easily by following the right steps. 

Leather furniture offers warmth during the winter months but feels cold against the skin during summers. This means that it is worth investing in leather upholstery as well as its cleaning. You can get professional upholstery cleaning services in Lane Cove through Lounge Master. It must be understood that the luxurious look and feel of leather sofas can only be preserved by caring for them. 

Steps To Avoid Damage To Leather Upholstery Furniture:

The key to keeping your furniture looking fresh and new is to avoid damage. While it is important to follow consistent cleaning, it is also helpful to care for it every day. Here are some things you can do to avoid damaging your leather couches and chairs. 

  1. Avoid Wrong Cleaning Products:

A lot of ingredients in the typical cleaners look harmless, but can damage the upholstery in the long run. For example, the formula of oil soaps has the ability to leave a dark stain on Leather upholstery fabric. 

If you are thinking about removing the dirt on your couch using mild soap, think again. While they might be gentle for dishwashing hands, they might fade the colour of the sofas. Additionally, a bar of saddle soap is better suited for a catcher’s mitt instead of a leather sofa. Keep away all the seemingly harmless cleaning solutions for your leather sofa to avoid damage. 

  1. No Soaps Or Detergents:

A leather sofa does have the ability to replenish a mixture like our skin. Soaps and detergents tend to strip away oils and natural moisture from fabrics. The configuration of a leather sofa is quite different when compared to other fabrics. It can become dry, brittle and delicate upon the use of soap or detergent solutions. Therefore, it is not recommended to use any type of soap or detergent on leather sofas.  

  1. Keep The Furniture Away From Sunlight:

Leather upholstery fabric tends to get dry and is susceptible to cracking when caught under high temperatures. Sunlight not only exposes the fabric to UV radiation damage but also the heat of the sun. 

The consistent supply of direct sunlight can cause cracking and tearing of the leather fabric. Not only that, air conditioners and radiators also have a similar effect on the fabric, which means that Leather upholstery furniture should not be placed directly under these machines. 

  1. Blot Spills Immediately:

Use a clean white paper towel or terry cloth to blot spills. The key to keeping a leather sofa clean is immediate action. Delaying the cleaning might lead to stains penetrating deep into the fabric and creating a stubborn blotch. 

In case of grease or oil spills, use baking soda or talcum powder to absorb the moisture. You can also opt for cleaners that are specially designed for leather furniture. Explore the upper-end furniture stores or talk to a leather furniture manufacturer to buy them. 

  1. Leather Protectors:

If you have recently bought leather furniture, the best way to protect it is by application of leather protectors. Get professional help to have them applied, or use protectors available in the market that are meant to be for DIY use. If the furniture has been in use for a few months, have the sofa cleaned by a professional cleaner before the application of protectors. 

  1. Regular Cleaning By Professionals:

If you wish that your Leather upholstery furniture lasts longer, follow regular cleaning. Maintaining your furniture requires professional cleaning every one or half years. The professional cleaning team will not only clean the sofas but will apply brand-new protectors on them as well. This will ensure that your furniture stays away from damage and lasts for years. 

Here are a few ways you can care for your leather upholstery furniture. If you want to get upholstery cleaning services, Lounge Master is your best option. Give us a chance to see your furniture in a brand-new state within one day. 

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