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How Can I Keep My Upholstery Clean After Having It Professionally Cleaned?

Having your upholstery professionally cleaned is a perfect way to extend the life of your furniture and restore some of the new freshly washed odor even if only for a short time. However, much like any other investment, you want your upholstery cleaning to last as long as possible and look as good as new. Placing plastic covers on your furniture will help it last longer, so who wants to live like that? Here are few suggestions for keeping upholstery tidy without using plastic.

Clean the upholstery lightly on a daily basis

Simple regular washing can help prevent the accumulation of discarded products. Dust, germs, stains, dander, allergens, and microbes are some of the stuff that might be covered in the upholstery, even though the soil isn’t visible right away. Vacuuming the upholstery once a week makes it easy to keep it tidy in between professional cleanings.

Slipcovers & Armrests

This help to protect the most wear-prone pieces of your furniture without the need to lay on a structure. Since these objects absorb the impact, you can use them on a daily basis. Covering these things will go a long way toward extending the life of your furniture.

Frequently turn the cushions

A easy trick like turning over loose cushions on a regular basis will help prolong the life of your upholstered furniture. Changing the cushions from one end of the couch to the other ensures even use, as some chairs are used rather than others. After a professional wash, keep them in condition by fluffing them on a daily basis. Cushions would not grow indentations as quickly if wear and tear is distributed evenly.

Use Scotchgard to protect your home

This is a fantastic device that essentially functions as a transparent plastic board. Scotchgard is a plasticising agent that seeps through the cloth to keep dirt and oils out of the fine fabrics, where they can grind and decompose the upholstery from the inside.

These are just a few suggestions for keeping your upholstery looking and feeling new; however, daily upholstery cleaning will help keep your furniture looking and feeling new.

Excessive exposure to the elements and toxins should be avoided.

Place the furniture in such a way that the upholstery is not harmed. Extensive exposure to direct sunshine, as well as proximity to uncovered walls, should be avoided. Also, rainwater spray and other airborne contaminants, such as cooking fumes or smoke, may damage the cloth, causing it to fade and fray.

Immediately deal with all recent leaks or liquid-related mishaps.

Any fresh stains should be treated as soon as possible with a clean cloth and specialised cleaning materials designed for your upholstery fabric. Follow the special care guidelines for the damaged furniture that can be found. It can aid in reducing the stain or soil build-long-term up’s effects.

Keeping your furniture maintained

These are just a few DIY upholstery cleaning tips to keep your furniture looking and feeling like new, particularly after you’ve had it professionally cleaned. But don’t wait until it’s clearly dusty and broken again. The dirtier your couch or upholstered furniture gets, the more difficult it is to return it to its former glory. Experts suggest getting the upholstered furniture professionally cleaned on a daily basis or every couple of years or so. This will help maintain the appearance of your furniture.

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