Home Remedies To Care For Your Leather Couch

Home Remedies To Care For Your Leather Couch

Couches are the most loved and used pieces of furniture around the house. Everyone loves a good to care for your leather couch, and, over time, they have managed to become a staple in every home. People spend their sweet time selecting the right couch for their house, given their long term use and cost. We expect our couches to be perfect in every aspect, from the comfort and look to durability and utility. 

Leather couches are one of the most popular choices when it comes to living room furniture. They tend to tick all the boxes when it comes to functionality and look and can withhold a lot more wear and tear than regular couches. With that being said, it does not mean that you can go without caring for them. Regular use can make leather couches prone to scratches and marks.

Here are some DIY tips that will help keep your leather sofa looking as good as new.

White Vinegar

White vinegar has been a secret tip to effective household cleaning for years now. It gets rid of difficult grease from kitchen utensils, as well as stains from carpets. So there is no reason it won’t work for your leather couch

You will need to put together a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. Dip a soft cloth into that mixture and clean the area gently. Allow it to sit for some time before wiping away the mixture with a clean towel. This will get rid of any problematic stains and help restore the colour of your to care for your leather couch sofa. 

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a solution to many household problems, and only some people know about this ingredient. It is a very effective tool that removes fungus, rust or any other stain from a to care for your leather couch. However, it may be possible that your leather couch is incompatible with rubbing alcohol. So, test it in a small spot before using it on the whole couch. 

If the rubbing alcohol passes the test, you can go ahead with its use. You will have to dampen a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently run it over the stained area. Once you get rid of the rust, fungus or ink stains, make sure to wipe the same area with a clean cloth. If you leave the rubbing alcohol on that area, there is a possibility of faded colour.

Olive Oil 

A dry leather couch can lead to cracks in the leather itself. So after using the vinegar or rubbing alcohol on the stain, you can wipe the excess away with a cloth dipped in olive oil. Not only will it allow the dust and dirt to stick to the cloth, but it will also keep your to care for your leather couch from getting excessively dry. This will ensure that you have an amazing leather couch all year round. 

Flaxseed Oil And Vinegar

Another way to remove any stains while keeping your couch hydrated is with the help of a flaxseed oil and vinegar mixture. You will need to blend the ingredients together and deposit them in a spray bottle. Lay down a muslin cloth of the affected area before spraying it with the solution. Let the mixture sit for about 12 hours, and then wipe it away with a dry cloth. 

Basic Care to care for your leather couch

First and foremost, never put your to care for your leather couch under direct sunlight, as it can cause the colour of the leather upholstery to fade. 

Secondly, avoid keeping your leather sofa under the direct air of AC. Cool air from the AC can cause your to care for your leather couch upholstery to dry up, which leads to cracks. 

Lastly, don’t allow your leather upholstery to soak up any liquid. Wipe any liquid as soon as you spill and wipe the area with vinegar to avoid staining.

Hire Professionals 

Apart from regularly cleaning your upholstered furniture by yourself, you should hire lounge cleaning services once in a while for deep cleaning. The professional cleaning procedure will deep clean dirt or fungus buildup inside the couch. Similarly,  employing a leather cleaner service will ensure your to care for your leather couch have a new and fresh look for a long time.

Lounge Master offers upholstery cleaning services in Busby. We have the best equipment and technique, which allows us to get rid of the toughest stains on your leather couch. 

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