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Furniture Cleaning & Care Tips

Is cleaning your furniture important? Does it matter? These are some of the most common questions that may arise in your head when you look at your furniture cleaning & care tips at homes or in offices. Well, the answer to all these questions is yes. Cleaning your furniture is essential and can have tons of benefits. If you are someone who is looking for ways to care for their furniture then look no further because we, at Lounge Master, are here to help you. We specialize in furniture cleaning and caring for Upholstery Fabric in Sydney. We have also compiled some tips that might help you clean and care for your furniture better. So, let us begin

Furniture Cleaning & Care Tips and Caring For Upholsteries

Following are some of the tips that you need to follow for the best furniture care and cleaning.

Clean With Soap And Water

It is important to nip in the bud when it comes to furniture cleaning & care tips. A common mistake that most people do is that they let dust and other impurities collect on their furniture for months, which makes it harder to clean it. We, at Lounge Master, suggest cleaning your upholsteries on regular basis. The cleaning doesn’t have to be too extensive if you are doing it regularly. 

It is best to deeply clean your furniture cleaning & care tips once a month and keep cleaning it regularly through the rest of the time. The regular cleaning will help reduce dust build-up and assist in keeping your upholsteries up to date. The best way to clean your upholsteries is to apply soap and water to them. The solution is easy on the fabric, but it is still best to keep your fabric in mind when you clean it. You can also reach out to Lounge Master if you cannot identify your upholstery fabric and need professional assistance. 

Polish It After Cleaning

If you have cleaned the upholstery then you can probably see it brightened and cleaner. However, just cleaning your furniture is not sufficient. It is essential to apply polish to the upholstery once you are done cleaning it. The polish will not only bring shine to the furniture but also help keep the moisture and water residue away. You can also maintain the look of your upholstery as the polish has content that helps aid furniture cleaning & care tips look. 

The polishing step may seem like an unnecessary one, but you will thank us later, as it helps bring back the shine on furniture cleaning & care tips. It is important to keep in mind not to use a polish with high alcohol content, as it could damage your upholstery.

Musty Smell From Your Couch

Dust Your Furniture

Cleaning upholstery isn’t always about using fancy products or going all-in with your cleaning techniques. A simple step like dusting the upholstery can do wonders if it is done regularly. We suggest taking a soft cloth and dusting your furniture regularly if you need a new look on your furniture cleaning & care tips on regular basis. This technique is not only easy but a great way to keep things effective as it helps reduce grit and unnecessary build-up. 

Trivets are Important

Serving food is a great way to show your hospitality and love for your guest but it can damage your upholsteries too. Hot plates and cutlery may damage your furniture cleaning & care tips permanently so we suggest using a trivet for it. Placing the hot plate on the furniture leaves burn marks and stains on it and the trivet can save your furniture cleaning & care tips from this problem. 

Keep Your Furniture Away From Sunlight

Placing your furniture cleaning & care tips in direct sunlight can cause problems because the rays from the Sun can dull the surface of the upholstery. You should try your level best and keep it out of the sunlight if you want to ensure that your upholsteries have an extended life span. The sun also melts the finishing on the upholstery which is near impossible to regain. So it is best to play it safe and keep your furniture away from direct sunlight from the beginning


You would not need a Fabric Lounge Cleaner if you follow the above-mentioned tips regularly. We also suggest reaching out to Lounge Master if you want to save yourself from all this cleaning trouble. They can help you maintain and clean your upholsteries better.

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