Freshen Up Your Upholstery At Home

Freshen Up Your Upholstery At Home In 4 Simple Steps

Everyone is a fan of fancy freshen up your upholstery at home to accentuate their living room’s appeal. This fancy upholstery demands regular cleaning using peculiar techniques. If you do not give your upholstery the TLC it deserves, you can damage it. Having a living room that has many windows increases the chances of subjecting it to a lot of dust that can accumulate in your furniture. Without proper maintenance, it can begin to look worn out and shabby. Cleaning up your upholstery without professional help might seem like a daunting task. Different fabrics of upholstery need different ingredients and techniques for a thorough cleanup. As the expert upholsterers in Sydney, we have a set of terrific tips for you that can keep your upholstery clean and extend its lifespan.

Dealing With The Dust

Dust particles are the most common cause of dirty freshen up your upholstery at home. All the intricate areas of your couch trap dust particles that build up into thick layers of dust over time. Even if you vacuum your sofa occasionally or wipe it clean with a cloth, it is still not enough to remove all the accumulated dust. There are microscopic dust particles layered up on your freshen up your upholstery at home, which can get deeper into the pores of your furniture if they are not dealt with regularly. If you have a habit of eating on your couch, food crumbs make their way into the fabric pores and provide a home for the growth of bacteria, leading to highly unsanitary conditions. Therefore, you should vacuum your sofa every week. Use the freshen up your upholstery at home attachment and run it through the entire surface of your sofa. Use an old toothbrush to clean tight spaces and intricate areas. Do not forget the corners and crevices between your cushions and the folds of the fabric.

Refresh The Furniture

Cleaning is much easier if your sofa has removable cushion covers. You can simply wash them in your washing machine if the fabric can be machine washed. Avoid putting the covers in the dryer as it can change their shape. Wash it with utmost care without using any harsh detergents.

To freshen up your couch, prepare a solution with lukewarm water and a laundry detergent. Use a clean sponge for dipping it into the solution. Wring it to remove excess water and wipe your couch with it. Only put a few drops of the detergent to avoid leaving a soapy residue on the fabric. 

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Stain Removal Method

No matter how careful you are around your freshen up your upholstery at home, there is always the possibility of spilling something and causing a stain. Getting rid of these stains can be a really challenging task. To remove stubborn stains, spray the stained area with lukewarm water to loosen them. Use a limited amount of water as too much water can spread the stain and make it even worse.

Use a small amount of stain removal product on a damp sponge and blot the area. Do not scrub the stains as scrubbing can put the stains deeper into the fabric, and removing them will get much more difficult. Rinse the sponge and dab the area until you can feel the dirt leaving. Repeat the process until all the dirt disappears.

Drying The Upholstery

Leaving wet and damp freshen up your upholstery at home can create a lot of moulds on your furniture and re-soil it. Before you sit on your couch, you have to make sure it is completely dry. After stain cleaning, dab the area with a dry, clean towel to absorb the moisture.

Leave the windows of your room open for a while to speed up the drying process. You can also turn up your room’s temperature for quicker drying. Avoid drying your freshen up your upholstery at home with hair dryers or heaters, which can shrink the fabric and deform its shape.

Follow these easy steps to maintain your upholstery’s life and keep it in optimum condition. Get your furniture cleaned professionally at least once a year. Lounge Master is an expert service to clean your upholstery in Sydney. We use high-quality equipment and specialized products to treat your freshen up your upholstery at home, remove the dirt, and retain it to its former glory. Contact us now to renew your freshen up your upholstery at home and prolong its lifespan.

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