Clean A Fabric Couch

Five Things You Must Know To Clean A Fabric Couch

Fabric to clean a fabric couch are beautiful, but they can be difficult to keep clean. The normal wear and tear of life — eating quick meals in the living room, spilling a drop of coffee on the armrest, dogs tracking muddy paws over the cushions — is especially difficult on fabric sofas.

Even in the cleanest and most organised homes, oil and dirt from human bodies eventually sink into the fabric and make your guest room’s furniture look drastically unappealing. Although you can hire a professional fabric couch cleaner anytime,  here are five things you should know to learn how to clean a fabric couch.

How To Clean A Fabric Couch?

  1. Clean On A Regular Basis

Regular, weekly fabric couch cleaning is an easy way to preserve the condition of your fabric couches. Clean the crevices of your sofa and remove any hair, food remnants, or toys that may have fallen through the cracks.

To use on non-fabric couch surfaces such as supports and feet, combine liquid dish soap and warm water. Consider placing a fan in front of your clean a fabric couch for a few hours if you live in a humid area. Excess moisture can occasionally result in mildew, which you do not want in your lounge areas.

Another thing to keep in mind is to pay special attention to the cushions. If the cushions on your clean a fabric couch have removable covers, remove them and wash them in the washing machine. Otherwise, you can go the old-fashioned method of removing your cushions, taking them outside, and manually beating them. Because the sun emits UV rays that help disinfect textiles, this method may be especially useful if someone in your household has been sick.

  1. Make Use Of A Good Vacuum

Include a dependable vacuum cleaner in your plan for cleaning your clean a fabric couch. Vacuums are useful for any cleaning method you choose for your clean a fabric couch. Loose crumbs or smaller items are easier to pick up with a vacuum’s low setting, and applying cleaners. Similarly, if you go with the baking soda method (more on that in a moment), you’ll need a vacuum to suck up the soda when you’re finished.

  1. Purchase Baking Soda

Join us in applauding the best and the most underutilised cleaning agent of all time: baking soda! Although baking soda and its cleaning applications deserve their own article, it also makes cleaning fabric couches much easier. Baking soda, which is safe for most fabrics, helps loosen embedded grime in your couch for easier vacuuming.

To be safe, test a small amount of baking soda on an inconspicuous area of your couch. If your fabric is unfriendly to baking soda, you’ll find out pretty quickly with this spot test. After you’ve completed this experiment successfully, sprinkle baking soda on the surface of your sofa and leave it for an half an hour. Then, suck it up with your vacuum.

  1. Brush Your Couch’s Fabric

When learning how to clean a fabric couch, it’s a good idea to invest in a dry brush. Dry brushes, when used properly, loosen dirt and debris from your clean a fabric couch. To begin, move the brush in a straight line back and forth. Instead of working against the grain of your fabric, try following it. Brushing your couch in this manner is a simple and quick cleaning solution for sprucing it up. Lint rollers for pet-friendly homes and large strips of packing tape for a quick fix are two other brushing options. Brushing your sofa isn’t a deep-cleaning solution, but it does help to freshen things up before guests arrive.

  1. Purchase A Steam Cleaner.

Consider purchasing or renting a steam cleaner to use on your clean a fabric couch as a final cleaning step. Steam is excellent for loosening dirt and, when combined with a vacuum, can be an excellent cleaning tool for your sofa. Depending on the type of steamer, you may need to fill it with water or a specialised cleaning solution. Consult the manufacturer’s tags on your couch for information on what you can and cannot use on the fabric.

It’s especially important to read these tags when using steam because some clean a fabric couch, even those that allow water as a cleaning treatment, cannot withstand heat. If you’re still not sure after reading the instructions, try some clean a fabric couch on an out-of-the-way area that is not visible at first glance.

To Wrap Up:

By keeping these things in mind, you will be able to adequately maintain and clean your fabric upholstery. However, hiring professionals for cleaning Upholstery Fabric in Sydney is always a better choice. You can visit our blog section to learn more about upholstery.

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