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Different Types Of Couch Upholstery Fabrics & Their Cleaning Difficulty

People love to have couches with different kinds of fabrics. But what they don’t realise many times is that not all fabrics are made equal. This sounds obvious, but they try to use the same cleaning methods on a fabric couch that they would on a leather couch. 

Different types of materials and cleaning tools are to be used when it comes to different upholstery fabrics. And many people tend to forget that different fabrics gather dust and dirt at different rates and, therefore, require cleaning at different intervals. 

So, in this blog, we will be discussing those different types of fabrics. We will also be taking a look at how difficult these fabrics can be to clean and when you should think about getting a professional upholstery cleaning service like Lounge Master involved. 

5 Different Types Of Upholstery Fabrics

So, let’s take a look: 

  1. Leather 

When people look at leather, they think luxury. And that is because it is an aesthetically-pleasing material. It is also unsurprisingly easy to clean. Most stains and spots can be wiped clean easily with a wet cloth. But that isn’t necessarily true for every stain because some liquids can be more damaging than others. What also matters is the amount of time you leave the stain on the leather material. But most of the time, if you are quick and the stain isn’t too serious, then you can just wipe it clean and have it back to looking as good as new. 

  1. Microfiber

With the way microfiber is made, it is one of the more durable and longer-lasting couch fabrics out there. It is also quite affordable compared to some other options, like leather. And with the way microfiber cloth is stitched, the close knitting and the material don’t allow stains and spots to sink in as quickly as other fabrics. So, it is still relatively easy to clean, but you might have to give it a bit more effort than you would give to a leather couch. 

  1. Vinyl

When it comes to durability, vinyl as a fabric is up there with the likes of leather. It is also a relatively affordable material, which is why you can find vinyl couches in general public places like cafes and waiting rooms. It is also very easily cleaned because of its structure. So, most stains, just like leather, can be easily cleaned off of it. And you won’t even need anything else, just a wet towel to do the job. 

  1. Velvet

If there is a material out there that is perceived to be more luxurious than leather, it is certainly velvet. But when it comes to maintenance, you can expect it to give you some trouble. There are some velvet couches out there that have been given stain-repellent treatment, and so they are less likely to stain as harshly. But the more common kind of velvet couch is still the one that hasn’t gotten that stain-repellent treatment. So, if you do happen to need cleaning on a velvet couch, then it is very likely that you might have to call a couch cleaning service like Lounge Master. 

  1. Linen 

Linen is a material that screams simplicity. It is lightweight, breathable, smooth, and soft to the touch. It is also quite durable and affordable too, which makes it a very popular option when it comes to couch upholstery. But if you happen to spill something on it, then you might be in trouble. Linen catches spills quite easily and absorbs them quickly due to its inherently absorbent nature. So, if your linen couch becomes the victim of an accident, then you might have to call professional upholstery cleaners. 

To Wrap Up 

It is nice to think about different kinds of couches and how good they would look in your home or office. But if you intend on buying one, then you have to make sure that it is appropriate for the kind of look and use you are looking to get out of it. And if you already have a couch that needs cleaning due to spills, dirt, or dust accumulating onto it, then you should contact us immediately. Lounge Master offers professional upholstery cleaning services in Ambarvale and other nearby areas at very reasonable prices.

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