Common Carpet Problems

Common Carpet Problems & Easy Solutions

Carpets have a very high chance of getting damaged, especially if you have pets and kids at home. You can try some methods to preserve your carpets to prolong their life. However, one day or another, the life of your carpet will be over. So keep in mind that all the methods are just to prolong the life, and no remedies can guarantee a carpet that will work forever. Upholstery cleaning is not an easy task. There are a lot of issues that occur, which can damage your carpets. Today, we will take you through some of the most common carpet problems and their easy solutions. 

  1. Frayed Carpeting
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The chances of fraying are significant if the carpet is poorly installed, and the loose ends can cause your carpet to fray. This problem is mainly seen in the transitioning areas and where the movement of people takes place, mainly the doorways. Another reason could be an excessive amount of furniture. This problem can get worse with time where there is no hope for repair.

  • Solution

The first thing you can do is use masking tape and tape over the frayed edges. It is the easiest and the simplest method of dealing with fraying. Another method is to use an edge gripper to hold the carpet ends. This will prevent any further fraying. You should attach wheels to your furniture or use moving sliders, so you don’t have to drag it for moving. In this way, you can prevent the fraying of the carpet.

  1. Berber Carpet
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Many people use Berber carpets to enhance their homes’ beauty and give their living room a brand new look. Some people have problems associated with Berber carpets. They get dirty very quickly, and removing the stains is quite tricky. They also get damaged very quickly, so maintaining them in good shape is a rather difficult chore.

  • Solution

Before buying a Berber carpet, check the material if it is made of either pure wool or pure nylon. These materials should be your preferred choice as they are the most durable and a better choice than cheap carpets. While cleaning your Berber carpets, you need to vacuum them frequently to keep them dirt-free. If there is any spillage, first vacuum-clean the liquid and then sprinkle some baking soda over it. Once the baking soda dries, scrape it off the carpet, and you won’t have any problems.

  1. Buckling & Rippling
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Sometimes you might come across a problem where the carpet in one room is in perfect shape, but the next room’s carpet is all buckled and ripped. The reason could be the moisture content present in the room or underneath the carpet. There could also be a pipe leakage or inadequate ventilation, which could cause high humidity.

  • Solution

Remove the carpet and check the moisture on the floor. If you feel that the moisture is too high, fix it yourself or call the professional who does upholstery cleaning in Sydney. You should also check the carpet backing. If it is too rigid, it will not allow any moisture to pass through, and all the trapped moisture will ripple your carpets.

  1. Colour Fading
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If your carpet gets exposed to direct sunlight, then your carpet’s colour will fade away. Another reason is the use of a cleaning agent for carpet cleaning. If the detergent or cleaner that you use to clean your carpet is too acidic in nature, then you will notice discolouring on your carpet.

  • Solution

Before using these carpet cleaners and detergents, always make sure to look for the present ingredients. If there are any harsh chemicals in the cleaner, it’s best to avoid these products. Usually, it’s bleach and acidity that causes discolouration. Also, avoid letting your carpets stay under direct sunlight as it is the most active agent that causes fading of your carpets. The rooms that get direct sunlight should always have tinted windows to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

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