Upholstery Cleaning Guide For Pet Owners

An Ultimate Upholstery Cleaning Guide For Pet Owners

We all are fond of our upholstery cleaning guide for pet owners. They are not just our most favourite family members, but they are also our confidants and cuddle buddies when our world is crumbling. Furthermore, pets are keen to leave their tokens of affection for us. Sometimes, their token of affection comes in the shape of a blanket or a toy. Other times it is their dirt and hair!

Unfortunately, these angels in the form of pets shed hair like crazy. Take dogs, for example, nobody will deny that they are man’s best friend, but when it comes to a piece of furniture bought by men, they are not very nice to it. Especially if it is upholstered furniture, dogs will be ruthless. They will not just leave their excrements over it, but they will also chew it up and leave their hair all over its fabric.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, upholstery cleaning guide for pet owners lovers are naturally tempted to keep their pets out of the lounge area. However, these four-legged friends always know how to win the pet owners back and find their way inside.

Fortunately, we have collected some ways through which pet owners and their furry buddies can live and enjoy their sofa time together. So read on and enlighten yourself!

Select the right sofa

As a upholstery cleaning guide for pet owners, one of the most incumbent things to do is select the right sofa. That is because picking the right sofa will ensure that your pet can comfortably play around without leaving its fur stains for your deal.

Although you can not stop stains imprinting and hair gathering, you can choose the fabric that is easier to clean and allows more convenient stain protection in Brooklyn. 

Start removing Upholstery Cleaning Guide For Pet Owners hair

Removing pet hair indeed seems like a daunting task. However, it is not as hard as it may seem. We suggest you not use a vacuum. Instead, it would be helpful to use an everyday lint roller. Run it through the surface of the couch. Another trick worth mentioning is to use a wet rag or hair magnet.

Remove the stench and neutralise the odour

If you have a soft and fluffy couch, chances are it is predominantly occupied by your beloved upholstery cleaning guide for pet owners. If this is the case, your sofa might begin to develop some specific odours. To get rid of stains and expunge the odour, we recommend you use baking soda.

Start by sprinkling some baking atop of the stains and the parts that smell the strongest. Leave it for around 6 to 10 hours, then vacuum it all to clean the sofa. Using fabric couch cleaner in Baulkham Hills, is also a viable option, as they are formulated to clean the fabric and expunge the smell out of it. 

That said, you must make sure that the cleaner does not include bleach, or it will stand the risk of ruining the fabric on the sofa. If the stains seem too tricky to be removed, give it a light scrub with rubbing alcohol.

Air it all out

Fresh air makes everything smell better. Therefore, if you are too conscious about odours, do not forget to leave your sofa out to dry after upholstery cleaning guide for pet owners. In addition to cleaning and drying the sofa, you should also vacuum the entire room. That is because odours have the tendency to soak up and spread into everything in the surrounding. 

How often should a pet owner clean their sofa?

Every pet owner should clean their sofas and couches by vacuuming them for a few minutes daily. Moreover, upholstery cleaning guide for pet owners should shampoo the couches every three to four times per year. 


Although pets certainly fill our lives with happiness, they can be a great source of dirt and diseases. Therefore, if you are a pet owner, you should follow all these tips and make your living area spic and span.

However, if you cannot commit yourself to regular cleaning, call Lounge Master and get the best Upholstery Cleaning Services in Baulkham Hills. They are the best upholstery cleaning guide for pet owners in Australia, and they use all-natural products to perform exceptional cleaning. Therefore, instead of fretting over stains and odours, you should trust the cleaning specialists at Lounge Master.  

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