Make Your Upholstery Last Longer

6 Ways To Make Your Upholstery Last Longer

Keeping your furniture away from environmental factors can be a struggle sometimes. Everyone wants their upholstery to look fresh and untouched for a long period of time. However, it is not very practical as these pieces are meant to be used, exposing them to impact by rough and tough usage.

Make Your Upholstery Last Longer

Especially, if there are kids at home, it becomes essential to have a constant watchful eye on the furniture to keep it away from spills and tears. If you feel like you have neglected your furniture for too long, opt for upholstery cleaning services in Ingleburn from Lounge Master. You can also follow the tricks mentioned below to ensure that your upholstery stays intact and looking fresh even after it has been used for years. 

  1. Consistent Vacuuming:

Vacuuming your sofas will keep them away from any dust and dirt that penetrates the fabric and makes it prone to wear and tear over time. After every few days, invest some time in vacuuming to extract all the gunk out of your home furniture. This will extend the life of your furniture and avoid discolouration.

  1. Flip Your Cushions:

This seems like such a simple trick but it can do wonders to elongate the life of your furniture. Due to continuous use and impact from the weight of people, your Make Your Upholstery Last Longer and cushions start to deteriorate. It can lead to an uncomfortable seating area and a declining look of the make your upholstery last longer.

Avoid this situation by flipping the cushions every once in a while. Whenever you feel like the cushions are getting less fluffy on the top side, flip to bring the less impacted backside to the front. Following this practice continuously will ensure that neither of the sides gets significantly affected by constant usage. 

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Sunlight exposes the furniture to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. This light penetrates the fabric and makes it very delicate over time. Photo degradation is a phenomenon that is encouraged by UV rays upon exposure of a fabric to sunlight. It not only fades the colour but makes the fabric fragile and breakable.

Try to place the furniture where there is shade, so the make your upholstery last longer remains firm and resistant to wear and tear. If that is not possible, offer the furniture some shade with the help of blinds or curtains to ensure minimal exposure to UV rays. 

  1. Professional Deep Cleaning:

It is a wise choice to hire professional deep cleaning services for your make your Make Your Upholstery Last Longer every other year. A home with children and pets is one where the furniture is used roughly and that is why may need frequent cleaning. Consider deep cleaning through a professional service provider to save yourself the trouble of having to change the furniture every other year.

If you are residing in Australia, Lounge Master is a great option to get deep cleaning services for your make your make your upholstery last longer . Allow your furniture a breath of fresh air every few months for durability and longer life. 

  1. Clean Spills Immediately:

One major trick to avoid permanent stains on your upholstered furniture is to clean spills as soon as they occur. When the family is united in the living room for a snacking and movie session, there is a good chance that someone might spill their drink or drop their food crumbs on the sofas. The key is to avoid procrastinating and clean stains immediately. 

This restrains the liquid to seep in deeply into the furniture and leave a permanent stain. Your sofas will remain looking fresh and new when there are no stains in sight. 

  1. Avoid Rough Usage:

The most effective trick is to avoid the furniture from getting damaged in the first place. We know that it can be a difficult task for large families with kids and pets, but it is possible. Make it a point with the kids that the furniture is not a playing tool and jumping is strictly prohibited. 

Try to keep the pets in the pool and garden area, so they do not come and rub their paws on the delicate make your upholstery last longer . This way, there will be minimal damage, leading to a longer lasting furniture.

To sum it up, consistent care is the only way to keep your Make Your Upholstery Last Longer fresh and healthy for a longer period of time. If you have neglected this practice and are looking for a deep cleaning service, visit Lounge Master. We are known in the industry for our eco-friendly cleaning techniques and top-notch services. 

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