Musty Smell From Your Couch

6 Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Musty Smell From Your Couch

Musty Smell From Your Couch refers to the kind of smell that is produced due to moisture in a substance. If your sofa has been exposed to food spills or other factors that unfiltered humidity in the foam, there is a chance that it will smell. The smell can get severe if there is no passage of air in the room where the couch sits. 

An upholstered sofa with wooden frames is more likely to develop this smell as it does not allow the passage of air. One way to avoid this problem is by keeping your room ventilated. Open the windows every day for at least an hour to get rid of the humidity in the room and allow sofa upholstery to breathe. 

If the smell is unbearable, get professional cleaning services from a reliable cleaning company like Lounge Master.

Prevent Musty Smell From Your Couch By Following 6 Simple Steps:

Make sure that the room is appropriately ventilated. Excess humidity can make matters worse, so try to keep the room atmosphere dry enough to support upholstery drying. If you are not sure how to get rid of that smell, this blog will be your guide.  

  1. Seal The Couch:

The method of sealing can provide a long term solution to the musty smell. Sealing eliminates unpleasant odours by keeping away all factors that lead to the smell. A special chemical is used in this process, which is known to block all odours from entering the upholstery. Your Musty Smell From Your Couch might even smell of new furniture after applying this technique. However, the chemical might damage your upholstery fabric, so be careful while choosing its intensity.

  1. Clean Regularly:

Regular cleaning of the sofas will prevent unnecessary smells from entering the fabric. Wash your sofa with soap water and dry it every few months. It will not only keep the furniture looking fresh, but will also keep odours from food spills and pet use under control. 

You can also consider getting professional upholstery cleaning services in Liverpool. The professional cleaning team will remove any stains, dirt and odours from the sofas. After the cleaning process, you can spray perfume on the sofas and leave them for 10 minutes to get them to smell clean and pleasant. 

Musty smell from your couch

  1. Use Filling:

Depending upon the upholstery frame and fabric, select the right filling for your sofas. If your Musty Smell From Your Couch is old and in need of new filling, you can get professional help. Changing the Musty Smell From Your Couch filling will not only get rid of the musty smell but will replenish the strength of your furniture as well. 

Duck feathers are the best filling for sofas as it provides multiple benefits. You can also opt for the less expensive foam and fibre fillings, depending upon your budget and preferences. 

  1. Place A Carpet Under The Couch:

A carpet will absorb any excess moisture present in the environment. Therefore, your sofa will get exposed to a lesser amount of vapours that are likely to make it moist. A carpet under the sofa also provides the additional benefit of protecting the floor against damage from furniture impact. The rough use of sofas can lead to scarping and streaks on the floors. A carpet under the sofa will ensure the safety of both the sofas and the floors. 

  1. Get An Air Purifier:

One of the most commonly used ways to remove Musty Smell From Your Couch from any room is by placing an air purifier. An air purifier effectively removes any unwanted odours from the air, which will prevent your living room or bedroom from smelling unpleasant with unmaintained sofas. This device is now used in almost every household due to the ease-of-use and efficient functioning. 

  1. Use A Humidifier:

Most households contain a humidifier, which can help in preventing the build-up of a Musty Smell From Your Couch in rooms. When the room is not infused with smell, the sofas inside are unlikely to develop odours as well. The simple usability and affordability of this device make it all the more likeable. Find a corner in the room away from all the furniture to achieve maximum efficiency. 

These are a few methods you can try to get rid of unpleasant musty odours from your couch. If you need professional help to clean the couch and remove odours, get in touch with Lounge Master. We are Musty Smell From Your Couch experts who will make sure that your couches remain clean and smelling fresh. 

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