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6 Mistakes People Do While Cleaning Their Upholstery

Cleaning a sofa, carpet or curtains is a safe process as long as you follow the correct steps and avoid these mistakes people do while cleaning their upholstery. Straying from the directions mentioned in the direction manual of furniture can lead to damage. Whether you’re cleaning a sofa, settee or an ottoman, you must follow the right cleaning steps and products. 

Each upholstery fabric is different and, hence, requires different caring methods. You can not use the same cleaning technique for two different materials, such as cotton and leather.

Therefore, it is important to do your research before cleaning your furniture at home. If you want to eliminate the risk associated with cleaning furniture at home, you can get professional upholstery cleaning services in Leichhardt. 

What To Avoid Mistakes People Do While Cleaning Their Upholstery Your Furniture:

It is extremely essential to follow the right stain removal techniques and cleaning products for successful cleaning. Some detergents and methods can cause irreversible damage to the fabric. Therefore, we have created this guide for you, so you know what are the common mistakes and how to avoid them. 

  1. Ignoring Manufacturer’s Guide:

When you visit the store to buy new furniture, the sales attendant will assist you in making the selection. Once you have figured out which furniture and fabric you want, they will give you a set of guidelines for taking care of your furniture. Listen to them carefully, or ask for an instruction manual if possible. 

There is a chance that your furniture will already come with a manual in which all the cleaning directions are given. Following them carefully while cleaning your mistakes people do while cleaning their upholstery will ensure that no damage is inflicted upon the furniture. A lot of people fail to follow them, which leads them to make costly mistakes. 

  1. Use Of Harsh Cleaning Products:

People tend to lean more toward homemade cleaning solutions when it comes to cleaning upholstery. The use of baking soda, vinegar and other detergents can be quite abrasive on mistakes people do while cleaning their upholstery.

 Additionally, some fabrics are more vulnerable than others, which means that it is highly risky to use harsh cleaning solutions on them. Contact your furniture manufacturer to discuss which cleaning method and the product are right for your mistakes people do while cleaning their upholstery. 

  1. Skipping The Test Patch:

A lot of people do not do patch tests before a cleaning session. If you are using a new cleaner or detergent on your upholstery, it is a good practice to first test it to avoid cracks, color fading and tears. 

Take a small quantity of the detergent solution and dilute it in water. Apply a small amount underneath the couch or on another hidden section of the couch, and let it sit for a few minutes.

If the fabric is unaltered, it means that the detergent is safe to use on your furniture fabric. This will save you from large-scale damage as you will be able to detect the safety profile of the product in advance. 

  1. Wrong Cleaning Method:

Some stains can leave a permanent spot on the furniture. Coffee and alcohol stains embed deeply into the mistakes people do while cleaning their upholstery and create a stubborn spot. By using the correct cleaning technique, even the most persistent stains will give up. 

People have this concept in their heads that if they use harsh solutions and techniques, the stain will get lighter. Whereas, the reality is quite the opposite, appropriate technique means cleaning the blots with absolute care and gentleness. From brushing to blotting and drying, everything needs some extra attention. 

  1. Over Wetting:

Most upholstery allows water cleaning, which means that they are safe to clean at home. However, using too much water while wiping the fabric can lead to over wetting of the furniture fabric. This means that it will take a longer time to dry. When the furniture is left wet for days, a lot of dust sticks to it over time.

  1. Not Getting Professional Help:

The reason why people avoid hiring professional cleaners is that they think of these services as too expensive. However, consistent cleaning and maintenance can save you from a bigger investment later on. When professionals clean your furniture, they not only remove stains, odours, and dust, but also apply protectors.

This ensures that your furniture remains guarded against damage and lasts for a long time. This way, you can save money as you will not have to buy new furniture frequently. 

These are some mistakes to avoid when considering cleaning your upholstery. If you are looking for a service that provides professional cleaning services, visit Lounge Master. Our expert group of cleaners will deep clean your upholstery to keep them looking fresh and new. 

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