Cleaning Leather Furniture

6 Frequent Mistakes that People Make When Cleaning Leather Furniture & How to Avoid Them

There is a quality to Cleaning Leather Furniture that can enhance the look of your home. It’s an investment that will last you a long time if it’s taken care of correctly. Leather furniture looks luxurious if paired well with the room’s interior design. It’s also delicate. Otherwise, it will wear and damage earlier than usual. 

Taking care of leather upholstery is not difficult, but there are still simple minor mistakes that people make that can affect the health and quality of the leather. These mistakes are easily avoidable. This blog intends to provide information on leather upholstery cleaning that will improve the quality and extend the life of your leather furniture.

Manufacturer’s Instructions

A high-quality piece of cleaning leather furniture, when purchased, will most likely come with a booklet or a leaflet that will contain the warranty and also have a list of instructions that will provide you with the instruction to take care of the leather upholstery.

Those instructions are there for a reason, as the manufacturer obviously knows what they are talking about. But usually, people discard that information either because they aren’t aware of the importance of the information in the leaflet or they think that the methods they use are better than the methods listed. This is an easy mistake to make. Read the booklet thoroughly and understand the information inside it before proceeding with the cleaning.

Household Cleaning Products

Generalising all cleaning products can be harmful. This can lead to people using common household products to clean the leather upholstery. This is not the right method as each household product has its own place of application. And that may not necessarily be for this situation. So, instead of using a product that would be great for cleaning the counters to clean your upholstery, use specialised leather cleaning products.


Water is good enough for cleaning just about anything. And you can even use it on leather if you just want to give a cursory wipe to the sofas to remove dust or some other dirt. But when trying to remove stains or some other substance, just remember that using just water might worsen the issue.

There is also the fact that using a lot of water is bad for the cleaning leather furniture, as it can lead to quicker wear and tear. So, while water is a suitable option for basic cleaning, it is not recommended for a deep clean.

Not Giving Immediate Attention to Spills

When things spill on leather upholstery, people aren’t usually too bothered about it since leather isn’t as absorbent as other materials. They take their time cleaning up because they think the leather won’t be too affected. That is the wrong approach. Just because the leather is slow to absorb doesn’t mean it doesn’t absorb at all. And if a spill is left for too long, then it will affect the health of the cleaning leather furniture. So, if something spills, clean it quickly to save yourself multiple headaches.

Heat-Drying Cleaning Leather Furniture

People think that if something has split, then they can just clean and dry it out with a hairdryer or a heater. This is the wrong approach. The elastic and mouldable properties of leather come from its molecular structure. And when heat is applied to cleaning leather furniture, it loses that elasticity. This can lead to leather becoming hard and even cracking. So, avoid direct and dry heat applications on leather. 

Not Enlisting the Help of a Professional Quickly Enough

Sometimes, the situation can get out of hand when cleaning leather furniture. Either because you can’t figure out the cleaning process or because the mess is too big for you to handle alone. 

When this happens, don’t make the mistake of trying to keep at it by yourself or leaving it to take a look at it another day. Some problems need immediate professional attention, and if they don’t get it, your expensive furniture will be ruined. So, seek professional upholstery cleaning help immediately and get the issue resolved.


Avoid these basic mistakes, and you can preserve your cleaning leather furniturefor a long time. And if there is an issue that you are having trouble with regarding upholstery cleaning, then contact us at Lounge Master. We are the number one service in Sydney for upholstery cleaning.

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