Practices For The Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas

5 Practices For The Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas

You found that beautiful Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas or carpet while surveying the market and brought it home. Now the real deal is in the maintenance of your new purchase. Upholstery requires consistent work and care, so it can remain fresh and clean. If you neglect regular cleaning or keep spilling liquids on it, chances are, your sofa will not last too long. 

Therefore, it is essential to follow prevention techniques to avoid damaging the upholstery. When no stains appear in the first place, you will be able to use your sofas and carpets for a lot longer. You can also consider getting professional cleaning services annually in order to restore the shine and fresh look of your home furniture. 

As a lot of doctors say, “Prevention is better than cure.” While they mean it in terms of health, the same applies to your upholstery as well. When you keep your Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas away from stains, dirt, rough use and harmful environmental factors, they will preserve their novel appearance. 

How To Protect Your Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas From Damage

By following the manufacturer’s guidelines of care, you can protect your furniture from damage. Whether it’s a sofa, a foam chair, or a settee, you should stick to the below-mentioned practices to keep it away from Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas and harm.

  1. Keep It Away From Sunlight:

Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that can penetrate material and disrupt its configuration. If your sofa is placed right under the window, it will be exposed to sunlight. The continuous impact of UV rays can make the fabric brittle and prone to wear and tear. 

The effects of sunlight can also lead to colour fading in case the furniture is left under its impact for years. Leather sofas are especially sensitive to heat and may give up under constant sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas away from sunlight. 

  1. Keep The Pets Outside:

Pets like to scratch soft surfaces with their pointy nails. Whether you have a cat, a dog or other pet at home, their fur will spread on the upholstery. They might also end up peeing on the fabric or peeling off the surfaces of the Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas if not properly trained. This kind of damage requires a lot of work for fixation. 

You will not only face a dirty exterior, but the room will also reek due to unattended pollutants. Therefore, it is best to keep pets outdoors if you have delicate furniture in your home. It will not only protect your sofas from scrape marks, but will also maintain the general hygiene of your room. 

  1. Avoid Eating On The Sofas:

Reserve the old Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas for your TV lounge and keep the fresh ones in the guest room. Either way, it is best to avoid eating saucy food or having drinks on the sofas. If you have kids eating with you, there is a higher chance that they will spill their food or drinks with their little stumbly hands. 

Eat on the dining table and reserve the sofas for sitting only. This way, you do not have to worry about leaving stubborn ketchup, chocolate or coffee spots on the upholstery.

  1. Apply Upholstery Protectors:

If you have fragile furniture that is upholstered with velvet or silk, you should be extra careful; about its texture and maintenance. Use stain guards and upholstery protectors to keep your sofas free from stubborn stains. 

They will keep your furniture away from permanent blots by making it more resistant to stain absorption. Various manufacturers apply Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas spray protectors on the furniture before selling them. You can get one yourself too if you want to refresh the protection after every few months. 

  1. Clean Them Regularly:

While all the things mentioned above will help your sofas remain free from spills and environmental damage, they might still get dirty from the dust particles present in the air. These should not be concerning as long as the sofa is cleaned once a year to eliminate all the gathered dirt. 

Give your Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas a pampering session every six months through a Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas service. The experienced cleaners at such facilities know which tailored techniques to use for cleaning different stain types and upholstery materials. 

So if you have been following all the prevention practices, but still ended up with a stubborn blotch on your furniture, you can get help from Lounge Master. Give your Prevention Of Stains On Your Sofas a refreshed look and a new shine with a professional upholstery cleaning service like us. We will thoroughly clean the sofas to remove deep-lying dust, stains and other foreign elements. 

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