Your Lounge Furniture Needs Upholstery Cleaning!

4 Indications Your Lounge Furniture Needs Upholstery Cleaning!

The furniture industry is one of the largest Upholstery cleaning and fastest-growing industries in Australia that need your lounge furniture needs upholstery cleaning. According to an IBIS World report the market size of the furniture industry in the country was around $9.9 billion in 2021. Through the report, it was also established that this retail trade industry ranked number 12 in the country. That is huge!

Keeping the above-mentioned findings in mind, it is safe to say that the furniture market is huge and a lot of people invest in it. And why wouldn’t they? It is important and provides comfort. It is a need. 

However, furniture is expensive and most people invest in it with the intention that it is going to last them for quite your lounge furniture needs upholstery cleaning a long time.This means their upholstery needs to be maintained very well and every few months to keep it as new and maintained as when it was first bought. This is because furniture is expensive, especially in Sydney.

Maintenance is important!

Research suggests that people do spend a good amount of time on the maintenance of their furniture upholstery, but sometimes no matter how much you try, it may not be enough. That is no one’s fault. With time and so much use, it is inevitable that dirt and other particles will deposit in places that are not as easily reachable. 

This is where, we, the Sydney Lounge Specialists come in. We use amazing and extremely advanced cleaning methods to make your furniture upholstery look as shiny and new as ever! But how do you know it is time to phone your lounge furniture needs upholstery cleaning services for your lounge? Here are a few signs!

Signs To Let You Know It Is Time For Your Lounge Furniture Needs Upholstery Cleaning!

  1. Bad smell

No one likes their lounge to smell weird or off. A comfortable and airy room has a completely different feel. If you do not like where you are sitting and feel a weird kind of odour, then that means something is definitely wrong. 

There could be many reasons for a weird smell your lounge furniture needs upholstery cleaning, but old and dirty upholstery is one of the major ones. So if something like that happens, your lounge in Sydney requires immediate cleaning!

  1. Pet Hair

A lot of people in Sydney have pets. They mean the world to their owners and are part of the family. You cannot really ask pets to not step on your furniture. It is not like they will understand even if you do. Ha-ha. 

No matter how much we love those amazing small balls of fur, one thing we cannot control; they will shed a lot of furs. All of that fur embeds deeply into the upholstery and its fibres, making it dirty and damaging the material. That is when you know your lounge upholstery in Sydney requires cleaning. 

  1. Stains

Continued use of an item causes it to stain. That is completely normal. If you sit or sleep on a particular piece of furniture, it is impossible that it will not stain. You might accidentally spill some food, oil or even coffee, wine or juice. That is completely normal. 

These stains, however, are not able to wash off properly no matter how hard you try. A time comes when they become very visible and do not look nice at all. That is the time you need to contact us! Lounge Master will remove all these stains from your upholstery and you will be surprised at how good it looks.

  1. Uncomfortable

You might start to find the upholstery rough or loose or too stretched. It might not be as comfortable as before and sitting on it may not give you as much comfort. When you feel discomfort and not as good as before, it is time to give your lounge furniture needs upholstery cleaning a call. 

Wrapping It Up

These were a few signs that your lounge furniture needs upholstery cleaning. Do you need good upholstery services in Sydney? Contact Lounge Master for all your upholstery cleaning needs. We help clean your upholstery and make it as good as new. 

We even offer leather cleaning services and will make it shiny and new so that it looks as new as ever and you do not need to think of buying new furniture. Need good your lounge furniture needs upholstery cleaning services? Contact us now!

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