Upholstery Stains And How To Get Rid Of Them At Home

3 Common Upholstery Stains And How To Get Rid Of Them At Home

It is very easy to stain upholstered furniture, but you have to go through quite the struggle to get it off. They result from accidental spillage and, in some cases, if the stain is not cleaned immediately can lead to permanent damage to your upholstery. You don’t have to worry about any stains if you have leather upholstery on your couches or chair, but any other fabric is prone to difficult stains.

Professional upholstery cleaners effectively remove all the stains from your upholstery. Lounge Masters have a team of skilled professionals who offer upholstery cleaning in Clyde North. They have various techniques to get any kind of stain out of your beloved piece of furniture. 

However, in some cases, you have to clean the stain yourself before you call in a professional for help. Here are some common types of stains and ways you can effectively clean them.

  1. Food Stains

Food spillage is common on couches if you have kids or even if you have your dinner on the couch in front of the television. With your attention elsewhere, you easily spill food on your couch by accident. Whether it is pasta that you spilt or some juice, cleaning it immediately should be your top priority. This will stop the spill from spreading over the couch and causing more extensive damage. 

How to get rid of the stain.

If you are present when the food is spilt, use white paper towels to quickly take off the food from the upholstery. In case of any liquid spillage, blot the surface with a clean cloth or a paper towel as soon as possible.  

Although, if the stain has already formed on the upholstery, you can use a DIY method that effectively cleans off food stains. Make a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda and washing powder, and apply it to the stained area thoroughly. Use a soft brush to scrub the stain off gently. Spray clean water over that area and use a clean towel to blot. Wait for it to dry and repeat the process if the stain is too deep.

If you fail to get the stain off with this DIY, it would be wise to hire the services of a professional upholstery cleaning company as they would effectively use their skilled techniques to get the stain off.

  1. Blood Stain

If for any reason, you get blood on your upholstered furniture, the first thing you should do is to soak up any excess blood from the surface. If you fail to do so, your upholstery might end up with permanent damage resulting in unnecessary expenses. Call a professional upholstery cleaning company for effective cleaning but if you want to get rid of the stain immediately, you can follow a few simple steps for best results.

How to get rid of the stain.

Place a damp cloth over the stained area while you fill up a spray bottle with soapy water. Remove the cloth to spray the area with the solution to moisten it and use a microfiber towel to blot. Repeatedly spray and blot the area until you have a bloodstain free area. After the stain is cleaned, use a clean cloth soaked in cold water to remove the soapy water and another dry towel to soak up the excess water. Let the upholstery dry out completely.

With that being said, employing the services of an upholstery cleaning company will work out in your favour as they will do all the work for you and effectively remove the bloodstain. 

  1. Nail Polish Stains

Spilling your nail polish on your couch is common for many girls out there. While doing a DIY pedicure, it is possible for your nail polish bottle to tip over on the couch, causing damage to your upholstery. The trick with cleaning nail polish off is to do it immediately without letting it spread to a larger area. 

How to get rid of the stain.

Scoop off the nail polish that the upholstery hasn’t soaked up with a spoon. Moisten a cotton pad with nail polish remover and use it to blot the stained area lightly. After the stain is removed, spray the area with clean water and let it air dry.

It might take a few tries with these upholstery cleaning tricks to remove the stain. However, a stain can be deeper than you imagined and investing in a professional upholstery cleaning would be wise. 

Call Lounge Masters now to get a free quote on our upholstery cleaning services. We use the best techniques and skilled staff to meet your stain removal needs.

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